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  • Product Name: Portable power inverter
  • Added Time: 2017-12-30
  • Views : 42

Model No.                                           ES-500A                ES-500B                   ES-500C

ES-500C                                             12v41Ah453Wh       12V 31Ah345Wh        12V26Ah288wh

Output                                                Rated 500W peak 1000W

Input voltage                                       AC 110~220V  50/60Hz

Output voltage                                    220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz



DC output                                           12V/4A×6    USB  5V/2A×4

 Car-mounted charging                        12v output  forbid 24v              

Solar charging                                    18v   ≤100W

Output waveform                                Pure sine wave

Online switch                                      Power off automatic switching  switching time≤5MS

Short circuit                                       After the short circuit, the AC output is disconnected. Disconnect the load.Then reset and resume.

Overload                                            After overload, the AC output is disconnected and indicator light shows red. Disconnect the load.Then reset and resume.

Charging time                                     9 hours                     7 hours                         6 hours

Weight                                               Suttle  3.0kg   After packing  3.5kg

Size                                                   11*13.5*28cm

Color                                                  Black(Other color can be customized)




U sed equipment                           Usage time (for reference only)

Model No.                                   ES-500A              ES-500B            ES-500c


Mobile phone 5V                          48 times               30 times            Over 30 times

LED light 12V                              3W 150 hours      3W 96 hours      3W 96 hours

Desktop PC                                  5 hours                3 hours               3 hours

Notebook computer                      11~12 hours        9-10 hours          8-9 hours

Fan 50W                                      9 hours                7 hours                5 hours

32.0 LCD TV                                  8 hours                6 hours                4 hours

20W lantern                                  23 hours              18 hours             14 hours           

Automatic switch when power cut, not power off!